Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Flower challenge

This month I am doing the May Flower Challenge organised by fellow blogger, photographer and jewellry artisan, Lori Moon. Just like Lori I totally love flowers perhaps having my second name Fleur might of helped me with my appreciation for them. As I mentioned in my previous post I love photographing flowers with my macro lens, getting up really close, capturing the colours and patterns of the flowers. I just went out into my garden to take a photo of a flower and my batteries in my camera died! So whilst my batteries are re-charing I have posted a photo of a Hibiscus flower (from my garden) that I took a couple of weeks ago. Normally I always take the front of a flower but I was amazed by the patterns on the back of this Hibiscus flower. 
So if you like flowers as much as me head on over to the May Flower Challenge , join in or just see what the other artists have posted who are also doing this challenge.


  1. Beautiful photograph at an interesting angle!

  2. Kirily - so happy that you are joining in the flower fun. Love the colors in your photograph.

  3. This is lovely!!! What a gorgeous pink shade! I posted my today's entry over at the Flickr group. This will be fun and challenging to keep it up through the month.

  4. Hello!
    What lovely photograph. I fell in love with a Hibiscus called "Simply Love" and after blooming it had more beauty to give with its gorgeous seed pods. It died on me!! Wish I could find it again!