Wednesday, 28 March 2012

You have to start somewhere

Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by. I have recently finished the ‘Bloom True: e-course’ by Flora Bowley ( and I have been inspired to be brave and write my first post. To ‘create a blog’ has been on my to-do-list since I completed the ‘Flying Lesson: e-course’ by Kelly Rae Roberts ( last year. Creating a blog is quite a scary thing to do as you are putting yourself out there to the virtual world. But today I am facing that fear so here I go!
Four years ago I quit my professional career as a graphic designer because my creative soul was burnt out and my health suffered. I couldn’t face another deisgn job so I took up a part-time role as a postie with NZ Post and it was during this time my health improved and my stress levels dropped dramatically. It was Kelly Rae Robert’s inspirational book Taking Flight that slowly ignited my creative soul and I started to paint. I hadn’t painted since high school so it has been a journey of taking art courses to get me experimenting with acrylics, mixed media and photography.

The Bloom True: e-course came at a perfect time for me as I am still discovering my true voice with my art. This course is all about believing in your own intuition and being relaxed and free when you paint. Below is one of my paintings that I painted on the course. I called it ‘Awakening’ as that is how I felt when I painted it. The Bloom True: e-course has awakened my intuitive creative soul. I can’t wait to paint some more art and to discover my own style. 
Let the journey begin.