Monday, 14 May 2012

New painting

The season is slowly starting to change here in Auckland. The days are getting cooler and shorter and I am now finding myself wanting to spend some more time in the studio, where it is cosy and warm. Ah bliss! My husband and I converted one of the spare bedrooms for my space to be creative. Here are a few pics for you.

Such a tidy desk, but it doesn't stay like that for long!

My favourite book at the moment.

I had an excellent week last week, I finished my triptych painting called ‘Morning Light’.

Here are the individual canvases that make-up the triptych.

Also I finally set-up my facebook business page. Please go over there and have a look. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t do this sooner as it was so easy to do. But I think it is just getting used to the idea of everyone seeing my artwork, as I am very private person. Having a blog and business page is quite an achievement for me. My next step is to set up my ETSY shop so that I can start selling my prints. 
And for my May Flower Challenge. I have some photos that I took at the Wintergardens in the Auckland Domain. This has to be one of my favourite places to visit as it is such a visual delight for me. I take far too many photos but here are just a few.

Its funny after uploading my photos I realise I have an obsession with pink. People who know me know that I don’t even like the colour pink! But I just love these flowers no matter what colour they are.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2nd Canvas

2nd canvas
As you might of guessed from my lack of posts I will be doing the May Flower Challenge now and then. I’ve been busy at my part-time job and busy painting. I have to be honest I don’t wake up everyday feeling creative. Some days I don’t do anything remotely creative and then on the days when I’m in the mood I feel like I could paint forever. And this is what has been happening to me for the last week. 
I finally finished my second painting from the Flora Bowley e-course. It hung on my wall in the studio for ages. It was ok but I knew deep down it wasn’t finished.Then one day I just took the canvas off the wall and it went from this.....

 ...... to this.

What a transformation. I couldn’t believe myself. I really love how it turned out. It now hangs proudly in our living room. That has been one of the valuable lessons I took away from the Flora Bowley e-course is that you don’t have to worry if a painting isn’t finished straight away. Just be patient and trust your intuition and eventually your lovely painting will reveal itself.
So it is my painting today I am contributing to the May Flower Challenge.
It is called "Lost in the moment".

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Flower challenge

This month I am doing the May Flower Challenge organised by fellow blogger, photographer and jewellry artisan, Lori Moon. Just like Lori I totally love flowers perhaps having my second name Fleur might of helped me with my appreciation for them. As I mentioned in my previous post I love photographing flowers with my macro lens, getting up really close, capturing the colours and patterns of the flowers. I just went out into my garden to take a photo of a flower and my batteries in my camera died! So whilst my batteries are re-charing I have posted a photo of a Hibiscus flower (from my garden) that I took a couple of weeks ago. Normally I always take the front of a flower but I was amazed by the patterns on the back of this Hibiscus flower. 
So if you like flowers as much as me head on over to the May Flower Challenge , join in or just see what the other artists have posted who are also doing this challenge.